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Poland is a country of many possibilities. Being aware of its good prospects, OKAM wants to be part of its development. Appreciating the potential of the residential real estate market, from the very beginning of its existence on the Polish market, OKAM wanted to offer a high quality of life in the best locations. OKAM not only implements residential, office, commercial and service projects, but above all creates a space that is conducive to life. One of the main goals of the company is to stimulate emerging communities to be active and create small communities. That is why OKAM places emphasis on innovative solutions already at the project planning stage. Hence, among others developing a program of the New Quality Policy, resulting from care for the environment and customer needs. Many years of experience of the founder and shareholders in the implementation of housing projects in Poland, Israel and Cyprus, know-how, large-scale business contacts, outstanding skills as well as dedicated and professional employees – all this means that OKAM creates unique projects with passion, and customers receive apartments of the highest standard. Because each of us deserves more.

Experienced developer

OKAM Capital has been a leader among development companies specializing in residential and commercial construction for nearly 20 years. The OKAM portfolio includes 28 projects in 7 cities in Poland, incl. Strefa PROGRESS, Strefa Piotrkowska 217 ŁÓDŹ.WORK and Dowborczyków 18 in Łódź, INCITY and CITYFLOW in Wola, MOKKA, VISTA and CENTRAL HOUSE in Mokotów, ARLET HOUSE in Ochota, ŻOLI ŻOLI in Żoliborz, BOHEMA – Strefa Praga and F.S.O. PARK in Praga Północ in Warsaw. In Katowice, the company is implementing investments in Dolina Trzech Stawów: DOM W DOLINIE TRZECH STAWÓW and INSPIRE. The assets of OKAM also include historic tenement houses in the center of Katowice and also in Kraków. At the end of 2018, OKAM introduced the New Quality Policy as an expression of corporate social responsibility. Starting from the CENTRAL HOUSE investment, all OKAM residential investments will be equipped with environmentally friendly and functional solutions supporting climate protection and improving the comfort of living, e.g. electric vehicle rental, bicycle rental, air purifiers, photovoltaics, reuse of rainwater, etc.

20 years of experience

The best

28 projects in 7 Polish cities

New quality policy

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Warsaw / Praga Północ / 88 Jagiellońska St.
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Investments planned

Warsaw / Wola / 9 Redutowa St.

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The new OKAM Quality Policy is a system of ecological solutions developed with people in mind
and the globally understood environment. Its aim is to introduce technological improvements to the standards of everyday life,
which are to improve the quality of life.

Non-development activities

OKAM supports the activities of people who are not afraid of new, often daring ones
challenges in helping others. For years, company has been creating pro-social events and helping private and public initiatives.
OKAM regularly cooperates with Cultural Centers, City Offices, schools, kindergartens and foundations.

Land purchase

We are interested
in purchasing development areas

for multi-family housing development with the possibility of investment over 5,000 sq m of usable space in the capital city of Warsaw (preferred areas are Śródmieście, Mokotów, Wilanów, Ursynów, Ochota, Wola, Bielany, Praga Północ, Praga Południe), as well as in Katowice and Łódź.

Please send your offers by mail at: grunty@okam.pl

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We encourage everyone interested in cooperation to send your CV to: rekrutacja@okam.pl

Actual job offers:

Actual job offers:

We are not currently recruiting.
If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us.
OKAM Capital Sp. z o.o.
Legal Assistant
We are not currently recruiting.
If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us.


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    88 Jagiellońska St.
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    OKAM CITY 1 Ltd.
    88 Jagiellońska St.
    03-215 Warsaw

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    88 Jagiellońska St.
    03-215 Warsaw

    T: 22 435 47 87/88
    M: okam@okam.pl

    ŻERAŃ (Offices, warehouses, squares, production and advertising spaces)
    Ola Duda
    T: +48 887 032 331
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    Joanna Kruk
    T: +48 783 002 791
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    BOHEMA (Office, commercial space)
    Ola Duda
    T: +48 887 032 331
    M: olga.duda@okam.pl

    ŁÓDŹ.WORK (Office space)
    Dagmara Grębowska
    T: +48 725 940 945
    M: dagmara.grebowska@okam.pl

    Łódź Branch
    18 Dowborczyków St.
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